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Take PRIDE! in the story

you want to tell...

Wherever you are in your family building, wellness, or gender & identity related story, we want to congratulate you! We understand that you and your loved ones may be facing many questions and decisions. Our goal at Pride Doula Services is to help you feel empowered to make the best choices for your body and your family. We believe in providing inclusive evidence based support to everyone regardless of a person's ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, abilities, relationship status, or spiritual beliefs. Let us support you with compassionate services so you will look back on your story with pride.

Meet Your Team

Dominique Richardson (They/Them)

Jaxon Richardson (He/Him)

Welcome to Pride Doula Services. We are Dominique and Jaxon Richardson, a queer married doula and photography team. We are proud to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and feel passionate about providing a safe supportive space for everyone.


Dominique is a non-binary labor doula of color and loves supporting birthing folks and their families in hospitals, birth centers, and home births. They also provide in home postpartum care and support for breastfeeding/chestfeeding/infant feeding. Dominique is also passionate about providing doula support for clients who seek support fat/body positive birth, caesarean, VBAC, surrogacy, loss, abortion, and hysterectomy care. 


Jaxon provides our LGBTQIA community with advocacy support resources, medical accompaniments, and postoperative home care. Jaxon also offers unique photography sessions for families, newborn/kids, special events, and gender affirming sessions. 


The goal for Pride Doula Services is to ensure that our clients feel safe and supported to make the best informed decisions regarding their bodies, wellness, and family building needs.


How Can We Support You?

Image by Felipe Salgado

We are here for you!

I cannot imagine giving birth without Dominique there by my side. They made my experience so much better and may have helped me avoid having a c-section. The perfect combination of warmth and competence to make you feel completely comfortable (well, except for the stabbing pain in your uterus!)

- Julie B.

If I have another baby there's no doula I would want to have by my side other than Dominique. 

- Laura S.

Their encouragement and support helped us to be more confident as parents and better equipped to take care of our daughter.  It was a wonderful experience working with them and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

- Karen M.

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