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Classes & Workshops

Schedule your virtual prenatal preparation and comfort measures course to so you and your support partner(s) can feel confident throughout your labor and delivery. Or learn ways to soothe your baby, improve digestion, and bond with your baby through infant massage.

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Prenatal Preparation & Comfort Measures 

Schedule a virtual session for prenatal preparation and comfort measures. You will also learn ways to communicate with your medical providers so you will have the best team. You and your support partner(s) will learn ways that encourage relaxation and build confidence for managing labor; such as breathing techniques, using a birthing ball, and massage techniques. These sessions can be an excellent refresher course after a previous delivery or can be used as an additional learning tool for your childbirth education classes. 

Service includes a virtual session lasting up to 2 hours

Optional 1 phone consultation in active labor for suggestions

Optional 1 hour virtual postpartum visit to follow up 


Young Couple Expecting
Happy Baby

Infant Massage Workshop

This virtual session is wonderful for parents, partners, and extended family. Gain new tools to soothe your baby, improve sleep, decrease stress, and encourage family bonding. Infant massage is recommended from birth all the way to crawling age.

Here are a few benefits to learning positive infant massage techniques:

– improve bonding and communication
– help your baby sleep longer and deeper
– relieve colic/gas/constipation
– stimulate growth and development
– strengthen the immune system
– reduce your stress, empower yourself

One virtual education session of the full body.

(PDF massage manual will be provided after the session)

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Mother with her Baby

Postpartum Care

The first few weeks parents should be resting, recovering, bonding, and everything else they need to accomplish with their new little one. Let us support you to make this transition with your growing family as easy as possible.

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Cherish those precious memories of your baby bump, newborn, growing family, and special events with our photography packages.


Labor Support

Feel supported with evidence based information, emotional reassurance, hands-on care, and advocacy for your birth at home, hospital, or birth center. 

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