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Medical Accompaniment

Whether you need help finding a LGBTQIA+ affirming doctor or need a friendly face to accompany you to a medical appointment; we can be there to support you.

Feel supported with Pride

The study, When Health Care Isn't Caring, by Lambda Legal stated that 70% of transgender and gender non-conforming respondents reported that they had experiences discrimination from healthcare provides. The discrimination they received were providers refusing to provide medical care, refusing to touch or use excessive precautions, using derogatory or abusive language, or physical roughness and abuse. 56% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual respondents also shared similar experiences. 


As members of the LGBTQIA+ community, we have also personally experienced hardships receiving appropriate medical care. Wwould be honored to accompany you or your loved ones during non-emergency medical appointments and surgical consultations. Our goal is for you to receive respectful compassionate medical care.


Here are ways we can provide virtual support?

  • Help finding LGBTQIA+ affirming medical, mental health, and community providers

  • Virtual or phone preparation for appointments (examples what are questions you may want to ask)

  • Unlimited telephone and email contact

  • Insurance denial appeal letter assistance

  • Assist you with filing a complaint about the quality of care or unsafe conditions against a doctor, hospital, or provider



Here are ways Pride can provide in person support?

  • Accompaniment to non-emergency medical appointment and surgical consultation (*Provider offices may have policies in place regarding Covid-19 that may limit or decline guest to accompany you.)

  • Accompaniment to the hospital for surgical procedure (*Hospital Covid-19 policies may limit or decline guest to accompany you prior to surgery or even in the waiting room.)

  • Transportation to or from your gender-affirming surgical center within service area

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
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